Are soda makers worth it?

While buying a soda maker, the biggest question that comes to your mind must be, that, whether purchasing them will be worth it or not? Oh Bubbles has the best soda maker newzealand has, and purchasing them will definitely be worth it. We will help you understand why making a soda at home with the help of soda maker can be worth it. Here a few reasons that shows it –

soda maker newzealand


  • Reduction in sugar intake & calories - Ohbubbles brings along a variety of flavours of soda along with the soda maker machine. These flavours are tasty, natural, organic, vegan and with a lesser sugar component. When you buy a store based soda, it has more sugar than the flavours. Thus by consuming home-made soda, you are reducing your sugar intake and calories. Getting a soda machine is totally worth it as it is helpful for your health.
  • Weight Loss help – Consuming sparkling water gives you more fullness compared to normal water. This keeps you full for a longer period of time and then you don’t feel hungry. As you don’t feel much hungry, you consume less food and thus weight loss takes place. Soda maker newzealand of OhBubbles helps you in achieving your goal of weight loss.
  • Keeps you hydrated – Sparkling water is fun to consume, more satisfying and also easy to make. You can get the hydration effect from sparkling water without any sugar or calories and also remain hydrated for the day. When you are hydrated, you remain active and fresh enough to carry out your daily activities for the day.
  • Enjoyed by kids - Having a soda maker at home will give the kids in your house extra joy due to easy availability of sparkling water and soda. Along with enjoying their health will also be taken care of.
Due to all of the above benefits, having a soda maker at home is totally worth it and useful for you on an individual level and also your family. Get the best soda maker newzealand has from Ohbubbles. Visit now and order your soda maker along with your favourite soda flavours.