Reasons to love OhBubbles !

Ohbubbles provides with the best soda maker newzealand has and fulfils the need of all soda lovers. Soda has been preferred and enjoyed since years all over the world. However, with increase in the awareness of people they have started to think about more healthy options for themselves as well as the environment. This is the reason why Ohbubbles is the best; it also fulfils the requirement of keeping the health of planet and the consumer safe. Let’s have a look at few reasons why you can’t resist but love Ohbubbles.

1)      It is environment friendly

When soda is consumed through the market on a daily basis by being purchased, it ends up using a lot of plastic. This increases the waste and plastic dumping on the planet. With the increase in the climate crisis it's time we become more aware about our consumption of resources. Thus, OhBubbles brings forward a solution to reduce the plastic waste by promoting the idea of soda creation at home. With the help of a soda stream machine, one can easily create soda whenever they want at their place. This not only reduces the plastic waste but also curbs the transportation of getting the soda every time from the market.

2)      Flexibility

No more going to the store and waiting for it to open. Time will no longer be a constraint for you, when it comes to enjoying your glass of soda. Feel like grabbing a drink at 3 in the midnight or 6 in the morning? You can easily enjoy it with the soda maker machine from OhBubbles along with your friends and family. Get the best flavours and store them in your house so that you can enjoy the variety whenever you wish.

3)      You will stay hydrated

With soda maker and variety of flavours by your side, you will always want to have a drink throughout the day. The ease of creating it just by pressing a button and getting a delicious drink will increase your intake of soda and keep you hydrated. With the soda flavours from OhBubbles you don’t have to worry about its impact on your health, as they are 100% natural and with less sugar.


Don’t just go with these reasons, try it yourself by buying the soda stream machine from Ohbubbles and share with us your experience of soda.