We bet you didn’t know these 5 things about Soda!

Soda, it has always been there for you since your school days. Hot summer afternoon or a cold night with friends, soda has always been a wonderful partner. But today at Ohbubbles, which is almost like the synonym for Soda Syrup NewZealand will share with you some interesting facts about Soda.

So, here it goes –

  • In 1767 a European man Joseph Priestly figured out how to immerse water with carbon dioxide. And, BAAAAMMM, the first ever carbonated drink was created, known as SODA. It’s wonder to see how a unique thought in the 1700’s led to such a wonderful invention that we are enjoying till today.
  • SODA was sold in pharmacies in olden times. Funny isn’t it? Because, people thought that carbonated water can cure illness and thus it was considered more suitable for a pharmacy shop. Early sodas were marked as a cure for stomach pain, impotence, scurvy, alcoholism, opium addictions, nervousness & more.
  • It was in 1876 that soda began to evolve as a drink option. Cola flavoured soda entered the market shortly after 1881.
  • Later in 1892, Baltimore shop owner William Painter created the crown cork bottle seal so that carbon dioxide bubbles do not escape the bottle.
  • Soda can be consumed with almost anything. Drink it from your bottle, mix it with your whiskey, pour it over your ice-cream or enjoy it with your fast food.

So, now it is known that the modern and so called drink of youth is way old and belongs to the past generations. It is not a new trend that has been emerged by the newer generation, it has been a way of lifestyle since years and it will remain for the coming years as well. To make this as a part of your lifestyle Oh Bubbles provides you with interesting soda syrup newzealand and soda maker machines.

Don’t forget to have a sip, because it might create a memory for lifetime that you can keep!