It’s time to save the planet – while enjoying your drink !

With the best sodamaker newzealand has from Ohbubbles, now you can enjoy your drinks with best taste and also save the planet at the same time. Yes, with soda maker newzealand you can go beyond in saving the planet. Consuming a normal soda from a bottle or a can is not much helpful for the planet. It adds up to the plastic waste and uses unnecessary resources. Here are a few reasons, why the sodamaker newzealand and the best flavours of OhBubbles are in harmony with the environment and not harming it.

  • Soda maker – With the soda maker at your home, you can now make soda from the comfort of your own home at any time. No more going out for soda at the soda shops and buying them. No more unnecessary pollution of travelling to go to the shop and spending money every now and then. Also, no more using cans and bottles to get the soda. You can make it from your home and consume it in a reusable glass or bottle.
  • Soda Flavours – Ohbubbles provides the best flavours which includes a large variety. These flavours contain less sugar components, are vegan and not modified. This does not harm any kind of organisms or animals. Thus, the soda flavours made are environment friendly and consumable by each and every human being on the planet.
  • Refill of Gas bottles – After buying the gas bottles you can exchange your empty Co2 cylinder for a full one and pay only for the refill. With OhBubbles you can exchange it online and get it delivered to your door. Getting the bottle refilled is much more beneficial financially as well compared to buying soda cans or bottles every time.

Wait no more, and get the multi award winning soda syrups along with the soda maker to enjoy your drink in a way that it also supports the planet. To explore the flavours and have a look at the soda maker options you can visit, .

Once you explore the options, don’t forget to get your favourite flavours along with a soda maker machine from Ohbubbles and share the best way of enjoying it with the world along with saving the planet.