The process of water getting carbonated!

Carbonated water is one of the best options to replace your sugary sodas. It is also known as sparkling water and seltzer water. Carbonated water is formed when carbon dioxide is infused in the water with the help of a soda stream machine.

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Carbonating the water makes it more enjoyable and fun to drink. Today we are going to have a look at the process through which normal water is converted into sparkling water.

The process of carbonation Carbon dioxide is the main ingredient required in order to make sparkling water. It is a colourless, odourless gas which is present in the atmosphere in abundance. It is available in solid, liquid or gaseous states and forms a part of numerous chemical processes.

form when carbon dioxide is infused in regular water under pressure. With the use of warmer water, the water will become flat much faster. As all molecules

become more active in warm water, the process becomes quick. In order to carbonate water with a CO2 tank, it is very important to set the gas regulator at a proper level so that the water remains carbonated while serving as well. The recommended level is 55PSI, in order to serve the water with bubbles and carbonation.

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The process is 
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