Why Should You Drink Sparkling Water ?

The water infused with carbon dioxide is known as carbonated water. It holds no calories or sugar but still gives a sensation like soda. Carbonated water is also sometimes flavored using natural flavors. They are also known by the names sparkling water, fizzy water, soda water, club soda, seltzer water, and many more. Along with giving you an awesome sensation they have numerous health benefits. Before we jump to that, we wanted you to know that it’s super easy to carbonate your drinks at home with the best soda stream bottles New Zealand has at Oh bubbles 

Here are few benefits of consuming carbonated water

  • Better alternative than Soda

Carbonated drinks are fun to consume due to the ‘fizz’ they give when we consume. However, all carbonated drinks have calories and sugar. In order to experience the fizz and make it healthy, carbonated or sparkling water is the best option.

  • Helps In Digestion

Carbonated water has proved to be helpful in improving bowel movements with patients of constipation and also reduce the severity of other symptoms of digestion.

  • Helps in weight loss

Carbonated water aids in losing weight because it makes you feel fuller compared to when you consume normal water. Also, certain research suggests that carbonated water forces food to remain in your stomach for longer, which will, in turn, provoke less hunger.


  • No Phosphorus element

Normal Soda contains phosphorus which can prove to be harmful for bone health. However, it has been concluded from a few studies that carbonated water consumption results in improving bone health.

There are many reasons why sparkling water proves to be good for health and a better option for consumption compared to normal water and soda. If you are somebody who is fond of consuming sparkling water or wishing to try it, OH bubbles hold a variety of soda stream makers that can help you make this process of carbonating easy.