Are soda makers worth it?
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While buying a soda maker, the biggest question that comes to your mind must be, that, whether purchasing them will be
It’s time to save the planet – while enjoying you
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With the best sodamaker newzealand has from Ohbubbles, now you can enjoy your drinks with best taste and also save the
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There’s a lot of confusion arising on the point whether one should opt for mineral water or sparkling water. So, today
Why stay hydrated?
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We have heard from many of our elders about the importance of consuming certain amount of water in our daily lives. Our
Why Should You Drink Sparkling Water ?
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The water infused with carbon dioxide is known as carbonated water. It holds no calories or sugar but still gives a sen
What makes our soda syrups best from the rest?
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Oh bubbles provides you with the best soda syrup new Zealand would have ever tasted. Today we are going to share with
We bet you didn’t know these 5 things about Soda!
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Soda, it has always been there for you since your school days. Hot summer afternoon or a cold night with friends, soda
We makes Fizziest and Flavourful Sparkling Water
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Many of us are purchasing and consuming soda maker for making our life easier and keeping one-self hydrated. Soda str
Want to Make EARTH Greener? Own a Soda Maker!
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We all are worried that the health of our planet is diminishing. We want to help it save it but our love for certain th

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