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Avoid Excess Sugar, Good For Healthy Body
Say Good Bye to Carry Heavy Plastic Bottles

Sparkle Your Favourite

Oh Bubbles, was launched after thorough research on the opportunities available in the market. We were amused to see that the demand for soda makers is increasing alarmingly. We knew this is it! Soda Maker is indeed one of the greatest blessings for all the “soda lovers”.

Concentrated Fruit Pulp Syrups

Made using real fruit pulp , Oh Bubbles is made with the highest quality ingredients. Never high fructose corn syrup, genetically modified ingredients, artificial flavours or preservatives. Oh Bubbles make your drink spectacular

Feeling Bubbly?

Ready to sparkle more than just water? Oh Bubbles is the new revolutionary way to make your own sparkling water and fresh tasting soft drinks at home. It's fun, fast, affordable, delicious and environment friendly.

Oh Bubbles

Multi Award Winning Soda Syrups

We make the world’s best concentrated Soda Syrups. Real ingredients, low in sugar and calorie, and purposefully crafted, so the subtleties of great spirits shine through.