We makes Fizziest and Flavourful Sparkling Water

Many of us are purchasing and consuming soda maker for making our life easier and keeping one-self hydrated. Soda stream NZ producer are catching up the market of kitchen appliances for quick and easy access to work which is go to drink maker alongside the traditional juice and coffee machines. Soda stream New Zealand is all about sparkling sensational device that forces CO2 into frizzy soda water.

Soda stream is not too soft to consume neither too hard but a perfect combination in this complementary era to come up with alternative way to consume beverage.

The basic perception for carbonated drink is that they are quiet unhealthy which contains lot more of sugar and acidic elements which may create a problem in long run. But when it comes to OH BUBBLE it has a natural soda syrups which is an ultimate solution for healthy carbonated drink.

Sodastream New Zealand is mild in nature and gives solution for not consuming hard drinks or soft drinks. A perfect alternative to be sober yet makes your beverage menu descent and more flavorful with all the options of syrups. 

What is Natural soda syrup flavors about:

It has around 80% less sugar than regular soda and each syrup can make 7-8 liters of drink.

Benefits of these Flavored soda syrup are:

  • Natural
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • Delicious
  • Low sugar
  • No artificial flavors

Carbonated water is similarly comparable to spring water with regards to hydration. Our bodies are 60% water, so remaining very much hydrated has its own advantages.

OH BUBBLE provide 11 best flavored soda syrup products which are low calories concentrated and easy to use.


It’s time to sparkle with your favourite soda syrup, as we can see there are numerous accessible flavours at affordable rates on OH BUBBLE Soda Syrup NZ.