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Made with OH Bubbles Italian Sorrento syrup a delicious little mocktail is super easy to whip up, plus homemade tastes
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Frozen Peach Vodka are a cool and refreshing drink to beat the summer heat and can be enjoyed with the friend in a perf
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ELDERFLOWER GRAPEFRUIT GIN AND TONIC is a combination of sweet grapefruit juice, fragrant rosemary, and elderflower liq
Cucumber Rosemary Gin and Tonic
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CUCUMBER ROSEMARY GIN AND TONIC (aka “the drunk cucumber”) is a lightly sweetened gin cocktail filled with fresh cucumb
Bourbon and Grapefruit Cocktail
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a smooth and refreshing Bourbon and grapefruit cocktail made with bourbon, honey, fresh grapefruit juice, and fresh ros
Raspberry Mojitos
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Ingredients 75 ml clear rum 100 ml Oh Bubbles Sparkling Water 10 ml Oh Bubbles Mojito Syrup 1/2 lime - sliced into
Long Island Iced Tea
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Packing a serious punch, this classic Long Island Iced Tea Recipe is made with five types of alcohol including tequila,
Cucumber Gimlet
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If you thought that a Gimlet couldn’t get any more delicious or refreshing, this modern variation proves otherwise. Upp
Sorrento Gimlet
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The Gimlet is essentially a Daiquiri made with gin instead of rum. Bright and sour up front, with a backdrop of bold bo

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